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M9500 Patient Monitor 15inch


 * Advanced platform of both software & hardware. Fully meet the clinical needs of standard vital signs, high acuity and anesthesia monitoring.

* 15" TFT LCD, high resolution (1024*768)

* Backlight button, easy to operate at night.

* Lithium battery, long work time (Max. 4 hours for 2 batteries)

* SD memory card (Option)

* Dual alarm light. Independents parameter alarm light & technical alarm light

*Power-off Storage (72 Hours trend & 1 ECG waveform)

Standard Configuration:

ECG,HR,RESP,NIBP,SPO2.2-TEMP,Lithium Battery.


12-lead ECG, 2-IBP, Recorder, EtC02 (side stream, main stream), Anesthetic Gas.Nellcor SpO2, Masimo SpO2 , ICG , SD memory Card.


M9500 Patient Monitor

Size: 366mm X 330mm X 162mm

Weight:  5 kg