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YD01-5 Cold Light Operating Lamp

Type YD01-5 standing quadripuntal shadowless luminescent lamp (hereinafter called shadowless lamp for short) is intended to serve as a illuminating device for medical observation and operation in hygienic & medical units. Due to its reasonable configuration, maneuverable feature and soft light, this shadowless lamp may be used as auxiliary illumination for major operation or as sole illumination for minor operation.
Technical Data:
1.llluminance: ≥ 50000Lux,
2.Color temperature: 4000±500K
3.power supply voltage: ~220V/50-60Hz  (110V/60Hz custom-made)
4.Rated Voltage of Bulb: 24V
5.Rated Power of Bulb: 25W
6.Input Power:150VA
7.Spot diameter: 500MM
8.Bulb: cold light source